Halong Islet

Xep Islet

Xep Islet or Layer Islet is a huge, multi-layered, square piece of stone which looks like an Egyptian pyramid built in the middle of the Bai Tu Long Bay  (Bai Tu Long Bucht), Cam Pha District. See more: halong glory cruise | halong bucht reisen ...

Thien Nga Islet

In the waters of Bai Tu Long Bay (Bai Tu Long Bucht), a stone islet is bobbing like an alluring and graceful swan (Thien Nga) - a swan losing its herd.

Soi Sim Islet

Soi Sim is an soil island 400 m away from Ti Top Island, and 7-8 km from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

Dau Moi Islet

Dau Moi Islet lies in the middle of the route between Am Islet and Dua Islet in Bai Tu Long Bay.