Ha Long Geographical Location

Halong Bay - Halong Bucht Vietnam 下龙湾 is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, belonging to QuangNinh Province. It is in the coastal area stretching from 1060 56’ to 1070 37’ east longitude ...

Population of Halong Bay

Halong Bay's 下龙湾 inhabitants are distributed as follows:

Time for visits to the bay

Tourists are allowed to visit islands, caves and beaches only during stipulated hours. Boats arriving early or late are not allowed to dock. Read more: bhaya cruise halong bay | vietnam halong bucht urlaub ...

Post and Telecommunications in Ha Long

Post and Telecommunications in Ha Long (more: halong bucht 3 tage)

How to hire a boat

There are over 300 boats permanently based at Baichay Tourist Wharf. Boats are classified by size as follows:

Buying tickets for trips on the Bay

Every tourist needs at least one ticket to travel on the Halong Bay.